19 Reasons Why You Must Never Get A German Shepherd

Those who don’t understand dogs all that well or maybe prefer the little breeds are likely to be a little frightened of German Shepherds. We totally understand. Here are 19 reasons why German Shepherds are the scariest breed of dogs, and you must never get one!

The moment they’re born they can be pretty horrifying.

They are awful with kids.

And they never pay attention to you.

It’s even worse if, heaven forbid, you actually get a pair of them.

And as soon as they leave their puppy phase, they will become even more terrifying. Like, that’s just… scary!

Whether they’re asleep or not, they’re just bullies.

Don’t even think about them watching out for you or saving your life. They just don’t do that..

They’ll never be capable of making you laugh either.

Or care much about seeing you when you get back home.

It’s also impossible to train them to sit properly to get their photos taken.

And the white ones? They’re the WORST.


You will never be protected from them, even in the safety of your own house.

They get so hyperactive, they’ll just wear you down.

The holidays is when they get most wild. That’s when you’ll need the most help you can get with them.

Then there’s the fact that they never have any feelings.

And they’re constantly fighting each other.

They don’t even look that good! Really, why would you want them?

Not to mention when they get older, things just get much worse. They become more moody, more dangerous, more scary…

Basically, there’s no reason to get a German Shepherd. I mean, look at this guy. That’s the face of a killer right there.

Source: theforeverdog.com