Abandoned Dog Leads Rescue Workers to Sick Newborn Puppies

In Dallas, Texas an abandoned dog is now called Hero after he leads the rescuers to the location of ten newborn puppies.  The pup barked repeatedly in order to get the attention of the passersby. For the past few weeks, Hero has been avoiding the rescue team.  But on Tuesday night he barked loudly and consistently until rescue workers came to help him.  He then took the rescuers to the woods where the mama dog and its ten sick newborn puppies were staying.

Marina Tarashevsce spoke to Fox News via their Fox and Friends Weekend program and said: “When I got there in the evening, Hero was barking really loudly.  And it wasn’t just a regular bark. He just wouldn’t stop and it sounded like he was in distress of some sort.” Tarashevsce suspected that Hero was trying to get help for Mona, another dog that’s always with Hero.  She followed Hero to confirm her suspicion that Mona was pregnant and she was right after she and her co-worker discovered the litter of puppies and Mona in the woods.  She also added that Hero led them to a creek by the woods where they heard little yelping of the puppies.

“I still can’t believe it, that he actually led me to the puppies. But I’m so thankful because we wouldn’t have found them otherwise,” Tarashevsce said.

Hero, Mona and the puppies are currently living together in a foster home and they are all doing good.  Dallas Dogrrr and Tarashevsce are going to help in finding the puppies’ home right after they are weaned from their mom. This is an amazing story that shows the intelligence of dogs.  Although they can’t say the words that they need help yet they know other ways to get the help they need.  I’m glad that the rescuers followed Hero and found the sick puppies right away.  Their young bodies couldn’t survive the cold outside.

Dogs are very intelligent creatures and they sure know when someone’s life is in danger.  It’s sad to see many dogs are left abandoned in the street these days. I wish that owners would just take them to the shelter instead of leaving them alone in the streets.  Hopefully, Hero, Mona and the puppies will find their new permanent and loving home soon.

Source: puppytoob.com