Abused Dog Was Never Touched In Her Life. Watch Her Reaction When She’s Held For The First Time

Little Harleigh, who appears to be a Chihuahua mix, was found cowering in the corner of her cage, where she had spent over 3 years in a puppy mill operation used for breeding.

This sweet little floppy-eared girl had never experienced the loving touch of humans.

Puppy mills are nothing but prisons for these poor animals who have never learned to trust people.

They have been so traumatized by years of imprisonment and lack of socialization.

When Harleigh is is finally rescued, her fear is palpable, as she is approached in a loving way by a kind volunteer.

Tail between her legs, she at first recoils from his gentle approach.

When he is able to hold her, the little dog’s mistrust is still visible, as she digs her claws into the volunteer’s arm.

Source: theriflebird.com