Abused dog takes bubble bath in kitchen sink, becomes Internet sensation

Rudy was found in New York City, abandoned in a plastic bucket and suffering from multiple wounds of unknown origin – some were perfectly round as if from the end of a cigarette, others were deep enough to expose tendon and bone.
He was also severely emaciated and seemed to be missing nearly all of his hair. Assessing his condition as critical, the city shelter called upon SNARR Northeast (Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation) for assistance.


SNARR specializes in rescuing hard-to-place animals, particularly those with medical conditions. Their veterinarian discovered that Rudy suffered from untreated Cushing’s disease (a severe but treatable hormonal imbalance), a lacerated bladder, and a violently fractured front leg, in addition to his other ailments.

SNARR does not run a shelter; it utilizes a network of loving foster homes for the animals. “We do not believe in pulling a dog from a shelter, only to put it in another shelter environment. Not only do we give these dogs a place to live, but we work diligently with them, socializing them, training them, rehabilitating them, and providing whatever extensive and costly medical care they require,” explains their website.

Part of the care that Rudy receives at his foster home includes medicine for the Cushing’s disease and specially medicated baths for his skin condition. This video taken by his foster family shows Rudy enjoying his special bath – and a few hand-fed snacks, too. The look of bliss on his face answers every question about how good he is feeling now, and is the reason that the video has been viewed over 8.2 million times.

Rudy was eventually healthy enough to receive surgery on his damaged front leg, and, with lots of love and care from SNARR and his foster family, is making a full recovery.

Source: drollify.com