Barking And Howling

Why do dogs barking and howl? It is a way for them to communicate with others. Dogs vocalize to communicate with humans and to express themselves. A dog may bark for a number of reasons: to induce play, discipline young, warn of danger, threaten intruders, or it may bark because it’s curious. None of these reasons tend to result in excessive or annoying barking – barking is short-lived and specific to an occasion.

Howling is generally considered to be communication between pack members

A barking problem is much easier to prevent than to cure!

Dogs naturally will bark to warn you, and this may become a problem if there are lots of things your dog sees, such as birds, cats and people walking by the fence. He may feel the need to alert you to every small thing that approaches. Sometimes it is as simple as blocking off a gate to block the stimulus of people walking past. Dogs will also bark out of boredom, or because they are worried about being alone.

Remember, dogs barking is natural!