Dog begged to get inside while angry bees viciously attacked

A Florida family’s dog begged to get inside as an angry swarm of bees viciously attacked – tragically, the stings from hundreds of bees proved to be fatal to the 45-pound dog.

According to WPTV News, the horrifying situation took place in the backyard of a Boca Raton family’s home last Wednesday.

The dog, Delilah, belonged to the Leonard family, whose children bore witness to the terrible scene. Rebecca, one of the children, described what she saw:

You wouldn’t even be able to tell what color she was. There were so many bees on her, they were relentless.”

She added,

She was jumping up at the door handle and chewing on it, trying to get us to open the door, and we couldn’t because there were just hundreds of bees swarming around her.

The dog who died in her family’s arms had a rough life – she had been abandoned in a dumpster when she was just two weeks old…her death last week was untimely and agonizing. Delilah’s family called a bee keeper after their dog died – they found out that their neighbors have bee hives and that a feral bee colony was living in a tree above those hives. It is unknown if the killer bees came from the neighbor’s hives or from the hive in the tree.

Source: petrescuereport.com