Dog Pregnant With 9 Tiny Pups. But When She Gives Birth, Owners See What Ultrasound Kept Hidden

Being an expectant mother, you are always preparing for this next chapter of your life. However, everything can be turned upside down when the information from doctors and ultrasounds are incorrect.

This was the case for a beautiful 3-year-old Irish Setter named Romy. Her owners Natasha White and Alicia Copping were extremely surprised when their very pregnant dog gave birth to a few more puppies than were anticipated.

In fact, it was Natasha, a trained veterinarian, who performed the ultrasound with Alicia by her side. Both were absolutely positive they spotted nine puppies cuddled together inside the womb.

Since nine puppies is a typical litter size for an Irish Setter, neither owner thought there was anything unique about this pregnancy. Little did they know what they would find come the day of labor!

Romy’s labor lasted an amazing and exhausting 10 hours! Thanks to Natasha’s expertise, they were able to give this first-time mother a comfortable labor experience.

Finally, the litter began to emerge. Nine puppies were born, but then something completely unexpected happened; a 10th puppy was born, then an 11th, then a 12th, then number 13 came followed by the 14th and 15th!

“We thought: When will this end?” said Natasha. “We were in shock when she kept going. We thought ‘oh crikey’ how is she going to get the last few out but she did it.”

The last puppy was, by far, the largest. After he made his way out, Romy was extremely tired. Her body was not prepared for giving birth to a litter of 15.

Romy couldn’t produce enough milk for all her puppies so her owners had to give them a milk substitute. “There is a particular greedy one. She wakes up in between feeds screaming for more milk,” said Natasha.

“Between us we’re looking after the puppies 24 hours a day. Natasha does the day shifts and I do the nights because I’m used to doing night shifts for work,” explained Alicia, who is a police officer for Coventry County. Although it is her first time having puppies, Romy seems to be doing a great job.

Alicia and Natasha were so proud of the litter that they decided to launch a website that tracked the life and progress of Romy and her litter, which consisted of 10 girls and five boys. Each puppy was unique, making it fun for Romy’s fans to watch them develop.

“One of the boys looks like his dad,” Natasha reported. The father of the litter, six-year-old Ruben, is owned by another pair of housemates in Coventry. They decided keep one of the puppies for themselves.

Alicia and Natasha didn’t have to spend too much time searching for forever homes for the remaining 14 puppies. They also had help naming each one when they were newborns! They decided to stick with names that begin with the letter “R,” and started off by naming the smallest puppy Rosie.

Source: liftable.com