Fluffy Sleepy Dog And His Kitten Friends Sleep In The Exact Same Position!

In the following video, the little Pomeranian puppy is lying just like his kitten friends. They all seem to be siblings. Most people believe that puppies and kittens (dogs and cats) are mortal enemies. Actually, that is not true. Some dogs and cats get along famously.

When a puppy and kitten are introduced to each other while they are young they will get along just fine. However, if they are introduced later in life, they could fight like “cats and dogs”.

Just like people, dogs and cats have their own personality. If the cat that lives in a home is very laid-back and enjoys quietly sunbathing in the window, she probably will not like a dog that runs and jumps and barks at everything that moves. The pet owner must consider the personality of an existing pet before they introduce a new pet.

Kittens and puppies are curious by nature. They both tend to nose around and get into mischief. Introducing a puppy and a kitten will seldom cause problems. They will grow together. Just like we adjust when a family member grows, they will learn what will be acceptable to their animal sibling.

The problems that arise from adding a dog to a home inhabited by a cat are not exclusive to the canine. The same issues arise no matter what animal is introduced. For example, an adult cat will not respond well to a parrot or other loud bird that is brought into the home. It is not uncommon for the cat to try to get to the bird when it is uncaged.

Of course, cats and dogs are very smart. Given the proper training and time, they will learn to accept any animal you adopt. Though they may not like the additional animal, they can be trained to avoid the conflict.

The pet owner must also consider the breed. Ask the veterinarian about the natural personalities of the animals before you mix them. Some puppies are very active until they are about two years old. Some dogs and cats are territorial by nature. He can assist you in what breeds are the best to adopt. He can also give you tips on how to introduce them to each other while you, the pet owner remain the alpha in the home.

As you can see, pet ownership is a big responsibility. Though cute little dogs and kittens playing together is adorable, they are going to grow up. When they do, it is a whole new situation.

Source: sureawesomeness.com