Great Dane Is Not Happy When Mom Tells Him To Get Off The Bed. He Then Throws A Hysterical Hissy Fit

They weigh over 100 pounds and their presence is indeed imposing. The Great Dane. The daddy’s of the doggy world. Yet also known as the gentle giants of the doggy world!ifreakingloveanimals.com


Turns out, the Great Dane is very friendly, mild mannered and incredibly sweet dogs! They love attention and they get along with other animals very well. Even cats! They are good with kids too. Add to all that their loyalty and intelligence and you can see why they are the 15th most popular dog breed in America!

Great Danes are also pretty low maintenance surprisingly. They don’t need a lot of exercising, and they are pretty chill for the most part, usually preferring to just hang out rather than chase a ball around forever. And, excessive exercise is not even good for them anyway due to bone and joint issues that may arise. Just your daily walk is fine with these guys.

Well, to give an example of just how chill these dogs are, check out Max. This guy is 6-years-old and apparently he is deaf, but still knows commands, such as when it is time to get up and off the bed!

Turns out that time was now and as you will see, Max is in chill mode and wants nothing to do with that order. So he goes into a huge hissy fit! While most dogs are ready and willing to get up and out, and go play, Max just wants to chill and he is going to fight for his right to chill! Definitely an amusing dog and for sure this video will make you laugh.

Source: ifreakingloveanimals.com