This Guy Saved 30,000 Dogs. The Way He Did It Is Pure Genius.

We often see people doing kind things, but it is rare to see a man commit his entire life to saving others. Greg Mahle quit the restaurant business to invest in his non-profit, Rescue Road Trips. The organization pulls dogs facing assured-immediate death from Southern Kill shelters and moves them to loving homes in New England. Families can find the dogs on databases like PetFinder.com, and the rescue team can transport them for a flat rate of $185.

How does it work? Rescue Road Trips runs on a solid schedule.

They leave Ohio, where the company is based, on Tuesdays and travel through Saturday. After traveling about 4,200 miles, the team returns home for some much needed rest on Sundays. Mondays are reserved for cleaning. The dogs are provided with plenty of walk, bathroom, and snack breaks, and Mahle sleeps in the trailer with them.

In addition to building happier families, Rescue Road Trips has also made a difference in animal shelters in the South, where they are seeing less of a need to euthanize for space.

Greg Mahle makes the weeklong journey from Ohio to the North and back twice a month.

Mahle began these services about ten ago with his own mini-van.

Rescue Road Trips takes an average of 80 dogs per journey.

Mahle has once taken 150 dogs on board.

Over 30,000 dogs have been saved in total.

Some fosters aren’t adopted immediately, so it takes a few trips to find their “forever home.”

The company barely makes any profit and the truck needs to be replaced soon.

This doesn’t seem to bother Greg too much. He loves what he does.

On the official site, Mahle humbly thanks the volunteers and rescuers for their “countless hours, long nights and weekends and terrific personal sacrifices” that keep the company going.

Mahle still keeps in touch with some of the adopted dogs.

You can support the cause by donating here.

Source: lifebuzz.com