Husky Mothers Rescue Kitten And Raises Her Like A Pup (VIDEO)

Rosie is a rescue stray three-week-old kitten. Rosie and her surrogate mom Lilo the husky, a gentle husky who changed the little kitten’s life forever. So much cute!

“She almost did not make it through the first night… Even with round-the-clock care. She was lethargic and limp. So we decided to go out on a limb and let her cuddle extensively with Lilo (the Husky),”

Rosie’s owner wrote on Instagram. “By some miracle, she started suckling on Lilo and Lilo went full ‘mom mode’. Even stimulating it to go to the bathroom… Since then, Rosie’s been getting much better and her eyes opened!”

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Source: sunnyskyz.com