Mom BEGS her dog to get out of the baby’s crib but watch this pup act so adorably DISOBEDIENT!

For over 15,000 years domestic dogs have been known to share close relationships with humans. In many cases, humans have assumed the role of the canine’s main social partner since they have become so well adapted to living with man.

If you are thinking of getting a pet for your child or you have one now, there is a good chance that they would likely grow to be best pals as you may discover that your pet and your child would learn to respect each other. However, this happy scenario would only become a reality once enough help is provided by the pet owner or parent.

This video reveals a beautiful relationship existing between a little one and her pet. The dog is interested in staying with the baby and the little child is happy to have the dog around her. Obviously, a special bond between baby and dog has been created. But one may ask, doesn’t this dog know it needs to give the baby space and respect? Well, since the baby is not complaining, who are we to question them.

The super duper hyper dog is no different from any of its kind – Boston Terriers. The excited pooch dares to climb into a baby’s crib to play and to have fun with her. On the other hand, his human sister seems to be absolutely happy to have him around as she finds him amazingly hilarious. However, mom is not convenient with the way her dog is horsing around and wants it to give the baby space.

Even while urging the pup to leave the crib, mom could not but hide her giggles. The more she pleads and begs, the more the little guy jumps off and runs around. After a while, he stops and begins to look at his owner with bulging eyes as if to say, “I can’t just get out.”

His baby sister sends out an adorable laughter often and on as she seemed to find his actions to be the most amazing thing she has ever observed in her short life. But how did the hilarious dog make it up there? Apparently, he must have leaped to the crib from the bed. But the cutest part of the story occurred when the Terrier buddy lands her a big kiss. Now he is happy to be back.

Source: sureawesomeness.com