Mom Relaxes In Bath When Dog Bites Her Arm And Pulls, She Opens The Door To Make A Horrifying Discovery

Patch the puppy was a huge delight to Andrew and Clara, the children of Richard and Nola Davis. As all puppies, they are cute as can be in the beginning, but then they grow bigger and present more challenges. The parents were worried that their small house and yard wouldn’t be enough space for the now much bigger Patch. They considered finding the dog a better home, but naturally the kids were very upset at the prospect.


They decided one night to just let the decision rest for now. Little did they know it would be later that night that the decision would indeed be made. It happened to be their wedding anniversary, and while the kids and the husband were out of the house, Nola slipped into a warm bath to relax with some music playing. She settled in and indeed relaxed, eventually closing her eyes.

Then suddenly the dog, Patch, had his jaw around the woman’s wrist. He began tugging on her arm and Nola couldn’t figure it out since Patch did not like baths. The tugging became more intense, so she finally got out, put on a robe, and tried to figure out what the deal was with Patch the dog.

Well, it turned out that the entire home was practically engulfed in flames! Upon opening the bathroom door, the rush of oxygen caused the flames to barrel towards Patch and Nola. Meanwhile smoke took over and it was hard to see, so Patch led Nola to an exit and to ultimate safety!

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Source: ifreakingloveanimals.com