Mum Says No To Riding In Her Lap – Puppy Responds In The Most UNBELIEVABLE Way

Now all this little chap want’s is to sit on his mum’s lap, now is that too much to ask? Well, his mum is driving, being responsible and simply won’t allow it.

As far as he’s concerned, It’s just not on and he’s going to make sure his voice is heard. Then when he isn’t making any headway he just whines all the more hoping that she’ll crack.

ust wait until he sticks his tongue out, you’ll just want to do absolutely anything he asks for.

If you’re a dog owner too, you likely have a little furry friend that loves a ride out in the car, just like this adorable pup. Do you have any guesses as to why they love it so much? There are a couple of popular theories actually.

The first theory is explained by Stanley Coren, a dog behaviourist at University British Columbia. As he tells The Globe and Mail, it’s due to their incredible sense of smell! They have an amazing 225 million olfactory receptacles in their noses, compared to just 50 in humans. That faint whiff of barbeque you smell as you drive through the neighbourhood is a lavish feast to your dog.

The second theory is from trainer Kevin Behan, who believes that it’s because of the way dogs evolved to hunt. They hunt by feel, and the weightless feeling they have in the car triggers their hunting senses.

Whatever the reason, their look of pure bliss as they stick their heads out the window is reason enough to take them on as many car rides as they want.

For this puppy, though, he’s just going to have to be patient and hang on until he’s home to sit on his mum’s knee again.

Little Napoleon, a mixed breed rescue puppy, throws a tantrum after his foster mom tells him that he cannot sit in her lap in the car.

Source: lovelyanimals.org