Mya is the cutest pomeranian-husky mix you will ever see…

Everyone this is Mya, the husky pomeranian mutt I was talking about. Now you tell me, isn’t she just gorgeous? 

You can see that she has the color, and the body of a pomeranian, but on the other hand she has the eyes, and the pointed ears of a husky. 

Mya is a nature lover, and looks like she likes to take poses too. Look at this picture you guys. She looks like such a  young lady don’t you think? 

It is true to mention though that she is not exactly tiny as a pomeranian because of course she is a pomsky (pomeranian + husky.)

The reason she might be the perfect pet for everyone is because she looks like an energetic, playful, and full of positive vibes. I mean let’s be real, who doesn’t need those three traits in a pet? 

She has a happy nature, and looks like smiling is her favorite thing to do. I think she must keep smiling because it looks sooo good in her. 

She has the proud genetics of huskies given that she loves to play and be covered in the white fluffy husky heaven . 

But being sweet is not her only talent. She knows how to be silly, goofy,and funny at all times. If you guys love Mya, then share this with your friends. 

Source: ohl.co