Tiny Puppy Hilarious Confused By Frozen Carrot! TOO CUTE!

Frozen carrots are a great way to help a tiny puppy deal with teething pain. It’s cold and they can gnaw at them with their little sore gums. It’s a great DIY thing to help your pup in pain!

We also know that dogs are very smart and intelligent creatures…well…most of the time anyway. Sometimes? Dogs can be downright hilarious and a bit clumsy. Even a bit confused at times!

The tiny puppy in the video on the next page is new to this world so we have to cut him some slack. He’s just trying to figure out how things work on this crazy and confusing planet of ours. We know the feeling!

The owners of this cutie pie are trying to help the pup with teething pains and decide to try the old frozen carrot trick. But the thing is – this precious guy has NO idea what the heck it is or what to do with it!

Once the little frozen carrot is placed in front of the tiny puppy – he just seems to prance around it. What on earth is this freezing orange thing?! What am I supposed to do with it?! It’s so great to watch!

He presses his tiny little nose up against it and I’m sure he’s startled by the cold! But then…next comes the mouth test. Even colder, I’m sure! But finally? I think he realizes that this is a wonderful little treat for his sore little mouth!

Did you watch til the end? We sure hope so because that’s the best part! How cute is this little fluffy pup? It’s almost too much to handle. You just have to love that puppy stage! What’s not to love?!

Source: thedoggyuniverse.com