Watch What This Proud Mom Does When Her Puppy Howls For The Very First Time!

Every parent gets excited when their children begin to talk! After so many months of having to guess what they need – they can now just tell you! Naturally, the first word that many children learn is “NO!” However, it isn’t long before other words quickly follow, like “mine” and “more!” LOL!

For dogs, the act of howling is their way to communicate. They send messages to pack members that are far away or they let others know that this territory is theirs. 

In the video below you can listen as this 14-day old Alaskan Malamute puppy howls for the very first time! It is absolutely adorable when this little guy begins to howl- and then when he throws his head back and really FEELS it! You’re going to fall in love!

Take a look:

Aren’t this proud mama and her beautiful little baby so cute? When he starts slipping a bit and he sounds like he’s crying – mom comes rushing over and lets him know how it’s done!

Then the two of them share the special moment howling together!

Source: hypedojo.com